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When planning a trip, whether for business or pleasure, most travelers do not think of the mishaps that can occur on the road. Furthest from their minds is the thought that the unexpected can happen – domestically and abroad. Fortunately, when the worst does happen, travelers who carry travel insurance coverage often find it worthwhile.

Francesca & Co. Travel wants you to enjoy your trip, but
unexpected things can happen either around the globe or around the corner. That's where Travel Guard Travel Insurance comes in. Their policies have been developed with one simple philosophy - they protect travelers for things that actually happen to travelers. Your credit card and your homeowner's and personal health policies may provide limited benefits, but they won't cover it all. Travel Guard is there when you need them right when you need Travel Guard most.

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If you decide to forego travel insurance when traveling with Francesca & Co. Travel, please print
this Disclaimer form and fax or mail back to us.